Monday, June 04, 2007

Podcast Test No 1

Inspired by Jane Nicholls, and helped by a wonderful tutorial on podcasting for beginners, I present you with my first podcast. Enjoy :-)

Click here to listen to podcast test number 1

Next task, a podcast feed, and of course, some real content.

Update: The player below works so much better than my first attempt at clicking on a link. Has anyone else done this in blogger?


Quentin said...

One more Podcast guide that you are not going to want to miss is PoducateMe - geared specifically to educators.

Mark said...

Thanks Quentin.

Wow. Great Link.
Theres alot there. Opens up a whole new world of expertise. I can imagine classrooms being transformed into sound production studios.
I recorded my first child this morning, and then went out and bought a better mic. I teach in a public school and the budget is tight, but for 30 aussie dollars (26.50 canadian) I got a headset mic that with a bit of tweaking sounds suprisingly crisp.