Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Netvibes trumps Pageflakes!!

In reponse to last nights post on the race to be voted the best reader/aggregator in the webware 100 awards, I learned today that netvibes beat the others in the category. Firefox won best browser, followed by Opera, then IE7, followed by netvibes (not a browser but an aggregator).

If you havent checked out netvibes, then now is probably a great time to do so. If you have ditched netvibes in preference for another reader/aggregator, then I'd love to know why. Let me know why you dont use netvibes.

(Oh and by the way...Google Reader came in at fifth place).


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's amazing! Netvibes had its offshore team go to the voting site, clear their cookies, and revote, thus gaming the results. These "user" polls aren't worth crap. This is meaningless.

Anonymous said...


Rachel Boyd said...

Interesting comments you have received... ;)

Anyway, I always like browsing the "winners" just incase there's something there I haven't used yet that could possibly be interesting/useful that I could find out about.

I purposefully don't use any of those readers as I only want one update a day... otherwise I would be too tempted and probably waste a bit too much time. I use blogarithm and I subscribe to changes in some websites too as it can monitor those... its good for low tech people like our parents as you just enter your email and the website address (no feed)... it definitely wouldn't suit hard-core techies!!

Cheers, Rachel

Mark said...

Touchy subject.

Hey Anon 1 and 2. I guess the pageflakes team thought it was too lame and just let netvibes win huh?

Those nasty firefox users must have done the same thing as well I suppose. Why else would anyone vote for firefox?

Personally I would have voted for flock.