Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cool New T Shirt

When Darren Draper said that he'd left a box of t-shirts at the doorway of the main building on ISTE island, I just had to go inworld as soon as I returned from work and grab one "before someone stole the box". (Daren's words)

Whilst I was expecting to get a t-shirt, I wasn't expecting to meet such a range of friendly folk attending the NECC conference in Atlanta though. Had a wonderful time listening to conference highlights from the participants. sounds exciting, though a bit overwhelming...and there are still 2 more days to go.

I made some great new friends. I'll certainly be visiting more regularly.

I live in a relatively remote part of NSW Australia and Second Life provides me with a real, and achievable way to connect with others.

Thanks Darren.


Rachel Boyd said...

That is SO cool!

SL is something I think I will enjoy investigating during my holidays (get 2 weeks off at the end of this week)... I have dedicated a good part of a day to having a tiki-tour around - hope I don't spend too much time bumping into doorways and walls!

Now all I have to dream up is a SL name for myself - hmmmm....

Mark said...

It was really cool Rachel. I feel like I was at the conference mingling with the crowd. And the T shirt is great! :-) Cant have too many T's.

We break for two weeks same time as you. I have the NSW Computer Ed Group conference in Newcastle for the first 2 days (not in second life) and in the second week an Intel Teach workshop in Sydney.

SL is great... watch your bandwidth though.

D said...

Great work, Mark!

Welcome to NECC! I have to say that it's very exciting here. I'm glad you were able to experience some of it in SL.

They are doing a fantastic job here teaching educators how to use SL - which is a very fun thing to watch! They often teach other teachers by showing SL on a huge projector. My favorite thing to do is to find the avatar acting as the camera - and then flex for the participants while the presenter has his back turned. : )

See you in-world!