Monday, June 11, 2007

Quintura for Kids

Yahooligan used to be a favourite of mine, but has become a real mess lately. (Advertising, junk, too many distractions). It's even been blocked by my Education Department.

Quintura for Kids is a neat looking search engine, and it's kid friendly. Takes a bit of practice (view the demo) but I intend working with this next week with a few of my classes, so will keep you informed as to how it goes.

Unfortunately I couldnt get it to work in flock or firefox. I keep getting a "please wait" message, Internet explorer 7 was fine though. I searched for a solution to this, but found none, so maybe its just me. If you get it to work in mozilla can you let me know?

Thanks to Ben at The Tech Savvy Educator for the pointer.


Anonymous said...

Quintura Kids works just fine in the latest version of Firefox; perhaps you're running an older version?

We've got version 1.5 at school, and it seems to run just fine, although if your school doesn't have standard plugins like Java, Flash, and Shockwave, you might have a problem.

Mark said...

Thanks Anon.

I run the latest version of firefox and flock, but all i kept getting were please wait messages.

Went to my server and ran it, all ok. Same version except I'm running Adblock Plus on my laptop (which is where it wasnt working). All I did was disable adblock for the Quintura site and all is good with the world once again.

Thanks for confirming that it was indeed just me.

Stu said...

Have a look at this one. Looks interesting for K-6 schools: