Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Our Wondrous Journey Begins

There has been some great discussion amongst my colleagues over the last few days regarding moving ahead and engaging students with rich tasks, that promote higher thinking skills, in a 21st century context. Darren's video has helped immensely, (thanks Darren). The best part of the discussion has been the creation of a lesson sharing wiki.

On top of this came a presentation that was shown today to a group of ICT leaders in my state. The discussion has begun. It will be interesting to see where we can take it.


Stu said...

Hey Mark,

Hope you liked the presentation - thanks for helping out with the proofing and suggested sites. I've been in touch with Darren Draper (through you) regarding using his video and he was very helpful. But I haven't got onto Rachel Boyd yet about the link to her site I used. You might want to let her know about it. The comments I got from the attendees about her room 9 writing blog were very inspiring. I think she'll get a few emulators here in Australia.

If anyone is interested in getting the full PPT just contact me at stuart.hasic @ det.nsw.edu.au (remove the spaces).

Stu said...

sorry, forgot to say I even used a Web 2.0 slideshow site in http://show.zoho.com - it's pretty new, but it lets people post and share PPTs on-line, allowing for comments and embedding into blog pages - just like you did. Also remember the little link on the bottom right of the viewing window lets you go full screen. Not bad.

Just that I can't see any way of doing animations. The original PPT had quite a few (to make points in sprecific places), and as a result, this Zoho show does miss a bit of the punch of the original, but still it's not bad.

Rachel Boyd said...

Hey Mark,

Been wanting to get in touch with you... can you chuck me an email.... rshirley at paradise dot net dot nz (you know what to replace the words with!)

Cheers, Rachel

Mark said...

Done Rachel