Sunday, August 02, 2009

No Posts for 3 months

It's nice to have a break, and get some real life in between posts. Not that I've been having much of a break. The NSW DET blogging tool, of which my classes and I were beta testers is a real winner. Safe, simple blogging for students, classes staff, public or private or groups.

The trick now, once they gloss has faded from the "shiny new toy" is to get some procedures and policies as to what constitutes effective pedagogical use.

So what on the horizon for this edublogger?
  • I launched into twitter with gusto. Fun, and very useful, just like "they" say. Has helped me numerous times.
  • Google docs has finally (yay) been unblocked for staff use at least. Next to push for the unblock for students.
  • I'm running another Intel TEO (Teaching Essentials Online) course beginning the end of this month.
  • More "play" with the blogging tool. Let's see if we can get our scratch creations published and shared huh?
  • All this as well as an active "real life".
Speaking of real you all have multiple twitter accounts (and other social network tools) which separate proffessional from home life, or do you (as does gen y) just mix it all in together.

I'm inclined to mix it all up so far. Maybe its just the old boomers who see the need to separate life into work/play/home. The kids dont seem to care.

All for now. Be back later with more thought, tools, tips, and trick.