Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Toondoo won pick of the Day!

The toondoo I created to illustrate my "Sound Familiar" post has won the editors pick award at toondoo.

Imagine my suprise when I cleared my mailbox to find this:

Hi mark!


We're happy to! inform you that your ToonDoo Ban and Block culture made quite an impression on the editors at ToonDoo. Therefore, your creative expression has found a place as Featured ToonDoo of the Day!

Toondoo is a fantastic resource. Here is the toon again.


Rachel Boyd said...

Toondoo is on my "to do list" to go and have a play with.
It's great to have another tool to add to the kit! Sometimes a toondoo can speak louder than a long essay I'm sure.

Mark said...

Why Thank You Ms Boyd.

It's really a matter of finding the time to play with all of these wonderful new tools.

My son reminded me last night that a picture is worth a thousand words.

(He was trying to get out of doing a detailed essay on a world heritage area in Madagascar.) :-)

Stu said...

I discovered the power of cartoons and comics in blogs through my year 10 (now 11) son. I've employed (badgered) him to produce a comic for each of my posts. I just help out with the background idea for the comic and he puts them together. Hie's since been asked to make comics for his school newsletter.

You can see the ones from my blog here:

Congrats on the award Mark! It's a sad but true reflection of most school systems today. The ICTs have moved so far ahead of the administrators and legislators that they simply don't know how to manage them.