Thursday, May 17, 2007

Teaching in Todays Classroom

Greg Whitby will be presenting at the New South Wales Computer Education Group (NSWCEG) at Newcastle on Monday 2nd of July.

In this video he talks about "today's school" rather than the 21st century school. The primary aim of todays school is to aid learning outcomes.
This happens through a process or concept of learning anywhere, anytime, anyplace.
This can only occur when staff are liberated from current working conditions. Conditions which Greg says "enslave" and "de-skill" teachers.

Would be interesting to hear a Teacher's Federation response to this.

Learning outcomes versus working conditions for teachers. Makes for a lively discussion.
Greg has an excellent presentation here. Its a pdf file in the form of some slides.


mishko said...

Greg i'm a australian teacher but i teach in middle east Jordan - Amman , i watched your interview , YES 21 century learning requare learning circles as a model of learning.
24/7/11 acces to learning content and equpment.
Schools are places to come and go when students find to be most productive to be there.
Team teaching is the norm for 21 century teaching its finish with one man show in teaching.
The dinamic of 21 century life in general and particular is not within the time frame of 9 to 5. life runs on 24hours and contnoues interaction.
Wheter we like it or not but that is the reality.
Thanks your elaboration in regards to 21 century learning is very supportive for us teacher around the world.