Saturday, May 19, 2007

Why Don't School Directors Blog?

Here is a great story.

Kimberly Moritz challenged her superintendent to start a blog

How many of our decision makers leave it up to others to try and explain their decision? Wouldn’t it be great if they could blog it themselves. The community would have one version of a story and minimize confusion. It might even eliminate the gossip.

How many of your/our regional directors have a blog?

What about the principals out there?

Do you see a need or necessity? Is blogging still confined to the domain of innovators and early adopters? (aka classroom teachers).

It seems that so many of our communication channels are still firmly pre web, (what's web2.0?). How is that to change?


Anonymous said...

What about principals?

There are still principals out there who refuse to check their e-mail. They have a SAM who checks and prints it for distribution etc.

Sent an e-mail to a principal recently and got it back printed out with comment written on it in my pigeon hole 3 days later.

Mark said...

Thanks Anon.

How can a principal "refuse" to check email? Is it not part of the job description?

listohan said...

Would merit pay help phase out these Neanderthals