Monday, September 24, 2007

Use of Polls in classroom

Hi All

Its been a while since I posted. This is just a quick one to test a feature of online polling. Have a go and let me know what you think. There is a lot of interesting pedagogical discussion around the use of polls. I'm just playing at the moment, but can see a use for them in the near future.


darrel said...

The poll tells me to enable cookies. But I already have them enabled (I checked!) I'm running firefox on Mac OS X. Anyone else having the same problem?

Rachel Boyd said...

Cool poll.... but I am having the same probs as darrel - I'm also running Firefox on Mac OS X. I've checked and I already have cookies enabled.
Grrrr... Can you get it to work Mark?

Mark said...

Hi Daryl, hi Rachel

At first, using flock on windows I got the same message. !st I opened explorer 7, same error. So i played with cookies by turning of and having it manually ask me (I wouldn't advise that). Funny thing is that when I went back to accepting all cookies, it just seemed to work.

try clicking the link at the bottom of the widget to see if it takes you to zoho and see if that lets you vote.

I submitted a bug report to polls.zoho, so hopefully it'll be sorted soon. Nice to know its affecting everyone and not just me.

Anonymous said...

complains for me toot osx. camino. but can still work ?!

Mark said...

Thanks Gary, always good to have feedback. Last time I posted about ZoHo, Arvind (who works for them) commented pretty quickly. Lets hope they can come to my aid without too much drama. I'd hate to see a great idea like this languish due to lack of support.

I posted the google widget on my main page, so I guess I'll see what comes of it. Perhaps if i embedded the zoho poll in my sidebar? hmmmm

It all gets down to having the time doesnt it.


Sue B said...

I am having the same problem with cookies. Mine are enabled. Using Firefox and Mac os10.4.10

Sarah Hall said...

I had the same problems with cookies... The problem has been fixed, thank you for your clear explanation! It's an interesting pedagogical discussion around the use of polls. Kindest regards,
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