Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Reply from Zoho, (and steps towards resolution)

I know its not just me that has the cookie problem with ZoHo Polls. (See comments on original post). So I posted a report to ZoHo.

Here is the report:

Lots of my readers are having problems with cookies in firefox on a mac, and on windows as well, when trying to view the embedded poll.

They get a message that cookies must be enabled., even when cookies are enabled.


and here is their response:


Thanks for using Zoho Polls and thanks for raising the issue.

We tested with the firefox version for windows and firefox version for mac. But we could not reproduce the issue that you have sent. Kindly check with the cookie settings or security settings of your firefox browser and get back to us, if you reproduce this issue anymore.

Kindly visit our website http://zoho.com and checkout the free services offered to you. Thank you,

I was not impressed, and so I've done a bit more troubleshooting. It seems that if you go to a zoho poll not hosted on blogger, you can vote without the cookie message, and then if you go to a blogger hosted poll, you get to vote ok. (The cookie was set from outside of blogger)

If however your first experience with a zoho poll is from a blogger hosted blog, then the message appears. Seems to be a blogger issue. I have tested this on different machines with different browsers and so far I am able to reproduce the effect every time.

I have sent this to Zoho support to see if they are able to investigate further.


Rachel Boyd said...

Hmmmm interesting stuff and well done you the detective!
It's not so much a poll, but I've been using Survey Monkey, but it doesn't do embeddding as far as I know.

Mark said...

Survey monkey was the first one I looked at Rachel, but as you say, I couldn't embed. Zoho looked great, but it's not much use with blogger it would seem.

still waiting on a reply from hem....perhaps I ought to log a call with blogger? It would be great to get it working properly.

Are you on hols yet?

Sarah Hall said...

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