Saturday, March 31, 2007

Profiles for Tech Literate Students

NETS for Students

This page emphasises the technology standards that ought to be achieved so that learning is supported, personal productivity increased and decision making ability is enhanced. Well at least thats the claim.

In reality the Indicators are very heavy on tech skills, not so much emphasis on thinking skills. Don't get me wrong, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the development of technical skills...(this is a mouse, this is how we log in). Its just that students today need more than a knowledge of how to use the tools, they need to use the tools thoughtfully and productively.

A set of 21st century Thinking tools is probably the main resource for ICT (21st century) educators that is lacking today. We all have long lists of skills that we try to develop and foster in our students, but most of these are tech skills. We need to be fostering thought processes as well. In the words of Kim Flintoff,
We all understand that digital natives are avid users - but are not necessarily critical users - so it seems a better argument to highlight the role of schools and universities in equipping the students with the requisite skills and knowledge to not only consume, but consume critically, manage the technologies, control the technology (in terms of soft-, firm- and hard- ware). GRIP-FIX-TURN as well as RIP-MIX-BURN.