Friday, August 03, 2007

Ban the Internet !

On my cycle trip home from school today I got to do some thinking on the nature of our job, and the people we sometimes work with.

Thanks to a colleague (Tim) who passed this to me.

Teachers vote to ban internet | The Register

Phillip Parkin, general secretary of the Professional Teachers Association, told the organization’s annual conference yesterday that the nation’s children were being used as “guinea pigs” in a massive Wi-Fi safety experiment.

Parkin demanded an inquiry into the technology, pointing to a range of maladies which could be down to radio waves cooking the brains of pupils and teachers alike. These include loss of concentration, fatigue, reduced memory and headaches.

As everyone knows, no student or teacher in the UK ever suffered from any of the above before the Labour government started spending billions of tax payer money dragging the education system out of the 1960s/1860s [delete as appropriate].

So there you have it, the UK’s education system is in a state, but all will be OK if teachers don’t have to use computers, networks, or have to deal with any kids. Alternatively, summer holidays could just be extended to 52 weeks per year.®

Such an elegant solution to teacher incompetence and apathy...blame it on the internet!

How much more Dangerously Irrelevant can this profession become?