Sunday, April 01, 2007


The first stage in project based learning is identifying standards.

In the absence of readily available sets of ICT standards, I'm setting out to gather together sets of standards from around the world, that may provide interesting insights into how other countries are approaching the task. The following standards from New Hampshire DoE interest me because they contain an emphasis upon 21st Century Skills. Feel free to peruse and critique them. I'd appreciate a variety of thoughts on the matter.

Office of Ed Tech

The ideal ICT Literacy Program in grades K-8 weaves technology experiences into all content areas and all grade levels, so that a student can demonstrate ICT competency at the end of 8th grade. The ideal ICT Literacy Program in high school provides courses which allow students to focus on technology experiences that match their career aspirations. Digital portfolios at the K-8 and 9-12 levels are ideal demonstrations of competence, as they can show how students competently use technology tools and resources within the context of core content areas.


Stu said...

There is way to much reinventing of the wheel in this area. I look forward to coming back and seeing what you've garthered.

Thanks for the blogroll link - consider it reciprocated! :)

mark said...


I dont want to reinvent the wheel. Problem is that what was considered an essential IT skill only (say)4 years ago, is now redundant. Eg Students can save work to a floppy disk. (A What?)

I'm hoping to find something of lasting value, because alot of the IT skill sets I have recommended to me are mostly old, redundant, and place no value on thinking skills.

Sad but true.